I’m Cayla – artist, reader, librarian…I make messes, I read a ton, I intended to teach high school art but ended up working in a library, which is fun!

I may try my hand at writing a book one of these days, but for now I’m going to write about other people’s books. The ones I like, not the popular ones. I may try my hand at a lot of things in the next few years, and this may not always be a book blog. We shall see. I’m in that phase of life right now – post college, but still a little up in the air career-wise.

Some favorites, in books and in life: steampunk, historical fiction, magic, mythology, fairy tales, the 1900s, Europe, and tea.

I have traveled a bit, but can’t afford more right now which makes me a little crazy. I miss Europe. May move there.

Don’t know what else you need to know about me…ask me anything, see if I answer!

Also: Why Atlantic House? It was a hotel on the coast of Maine where my grandparents met the summer they both worked there. Very romantic, and I grew up going to the beach where the hotel had been (it burned down). It’s a place and a story that means a lot to me.


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